Self Reliance, Careers and Why We Need You

I know there are many young people who are looking forward to coming back home to live and the only thing stopping them is a way to make a living. I believe, our young people can increase the quality of life in this valley, earn a good living and enjoy the blessings of living here, all at the same time. In fact, there are ways to even have your schooling paid for if you are interested. Go to Lincoln County Workforce and find out more about how you can be trained for free in some of the very things I list below.

Here at I Love PV, we like to talk a lot about self reliance and starting and growing your own business. There is just something about doing things that will help improve the quality of life for all of us that inspires me. Still, there is so much comfort in working for someone else. Cheyenne has started up two businesses in the valley, a dance studio, and a family historian business. While she has enjoyed doing both very much, there was a lot of stress involved. Business licenses, which have gotten more expensive, music licenses and insurance, were just a few of the stresses involved in owning her own businesses. It was all fun and games, when she was a young entrepreneur and didn’t have to worry about all that. However, as an adult It was like having a baby without the cute smiles, cuddly toes and making your mom a very happy grandma! 😉  Today, she works for someone else and she is very happy to do it. in fact, she truly enjoys it. She is also enjoying pursuing both business online, in her spare time, now that she isn’t under so much pressure.

There are so many business, here in the valley that have improved the quality of life for me. I remember a time when Chey, Jax and I came for a visit in 2000. There was a pizza shop open and they served the most delicious Mexican Pizza. Does anyone remember that? I simply couldn’t get enough. I’m not sure what happened to the couple that ran it in 2000 but if anyone knows them, I NEED that recipe.

Then there was the time that Irlanda, Kirt’s fiance, was coming home to Alamo before the wedding. I wanted her to feel a part of the family and I knew just what to do. I made a call to our local florist, at the time (Bonnie Poulsen) and asked her to send a bouquet over to Char and Keith’s for Irlanda’s room. It was there before she arrived. I was also able to visit Bonnie’s craft room long after her store was closed to pick up some much needed supplies.

I also enjoyed Lark’s home cooking and have bought many things from her. My family has enjoyed her baked goods, so much, over the years. I also remember her balloons.

I remember when Marci Gardner opened up the old bank and made a craft boutique out of it. It was lovely. I also remember eating at Carlos’s many times as well and enjoyed the food so much. Del Pueblo, was a favorite of Derek and mine as newlyweds. We enjoyed the salsa Sergio used to make and the nachos. Robert Park has helped us with electrical issues and drastically increased our quality of life with light in every room.

There are so many more examples, too many to mention in this post. I simply want to illustrate that small businesses improve our quality of life and we need and want your small business here in the valley.

Here are some ideas I have to help you find your niche.

Discover what is needed:
Our valley is in desperate need of another electrician. Poor Robert, he does his best to get to all the needs in the valley but he is backed up with work. It can take as little as four months to become an electrician. An electrician could then go on to discover new, inexpensive ways that we can incorporate solar and windmill energy into our homes.
We need heating and cooling experts. Currently, we are trying to share the travel fees but the heating/cooling experts are getting kind of fed up with that. Who wouldn’t when you could charge all three of the families, desperate for help, $120.00 each! Most companies wont even come for annual maintenance. If we had our own heating and cooling expert, they could look into, wood stove maintenance, and other more self sufficient ways to warm and cool our homes and save energy. It can take as little as six months to get certified and get to work.
We need a herbalist or naturopath doctor and a midwife. To become a certified herbalist, it can take under two years studying only 1 hour a day. For more information click here. We are lucky, there is a family that pays their family naturopath to come to our valley every once in a while and he treats as many as he can while he is here. But he lives in Utah and obviously can not make it out much. Living in this valley means becoming very self sufficient when it comes to our health. We can’t easily get to the doctor and many of our children have been born on the highways. It would be great to have someone to help us figure it all out. You do not have to be certified to practice midwifery here in the state of Nevada. Of course, we all want to deliver at least near a hospital but with the distance, that isn’t always how it happens. So having someone who knows the ropes would be amazing. Char told me that we once had a midwife here. Seriously, that would be wonderful. Imagine, if you were worried and just wanted to hear your baby’s heartbeat, have a local prenatal visit, reported right to your doctor the same day so you don’t have to worry about your other littles or just having the midwife follow you to the hospital, when the labor pains come, just in case.
We need a Thrift Store. For those that have lived here their whole lives, maybe this isn’t as much of a big deal. However, I am constantly, dealing with shoes that don’t fit or winter comes quicker that I remembered and I have no coat for my little one. Or I just can’t afford one more trip to town because I’ll inevitably end up at costco and there goes my whole pay check! We just need a thrift store with seasonal clothes and low costs.
We also need a plumber. We have one plumber in Panaca. That is simply not enough. It can take as little as three years to become eligible to take the master plumber exam, and you are pretty much working after only a year.

2. Find out what works:
In the past I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to interview Lark and Bonnie Poulsen to discover a little more about the businesses they had, why they closed and how successful they were. Lark’s balloon business was very successful. In fact, she had to close because there was just too much business and she couldn’t keep up. Start up, on a balloon business, is incredibly inexpensive.
Bonnie had a similar reason for closing shop on her craft store, things were just too busy and she wanted to do other things. Craft start up could be inexpensive if it is run out of your home, easy to get to and or if there is a delivery option, as well as classes or group events that people can come and enjoy. Then, most of your advertisement and crafts supplies sold is just your time.
The pizza place burned down but it was very successful and made so many people very happy. When I was talking to Lark, she gave me a really great idea for people who want to start restaurants but don’t want all the responsibility of it full time. She said that people rent out kitchens from restaurants during times that they would normally be closed. How fun would that be? We take a building, like the one Carlos’s was in and we rent it out to different people each day for different types of foods. We would need someone to manage it of course, but then all of those good cooks out there could live a little bit of their dream and earn an extra income all while improving my quality of life.

3. Find your passion:
What did you love to do as a child? What are somethings you enjoy doing now? What are you really good at? How can you use those things to improve the quality of life here in the valley or to help others? Or maybe, like Cheyenne, you would be happy doing many different things, as long as it meant you could live here and enjoy the bliss of our quiet, peaceful life? If that is the case for you, see the store, the school, and the pro shop where Ben and Sam work and see if they have any work for you. In the meantime here is my personal wish list for the valley.

My 2017 Wish List:

1. A Gift Shop, with balloons, flowers, cards, wrapping paper and toys – Birthdays and holidays come around and without fail I forget someone or something! Someone gets sick or is down and out, and I want to give them something special. Or I hurt someone’s feelings and I need something that says, “I’m so sorry.” It would be wonderful to have a gift shop where I could pick up something sweet for someone I love.

2. A craft store with classes – I love to craft but I don’t enjoy crafting as much by myself. Perhaps I’m alone in this but it would be nice to have a central hub where I could leave my dear family for an hour or so,  get my craft on, learn something new and visit with friends. And sometimes, I just need a little of this or that to finish a project and the project gets delayed a year or so because I keep forgetting it from town.

3. Parks and Recreation Specialist – It is amazing what a good Recreation specialist could do with the two parks we have. Games and activities that are cost effective to help our children discover new ways to play like we did in the old days would be wonderful.

4. Bike Repair Shop  – I am clueless when it comes to fixing bikes and jogging strollers. It makes me crazy having to take my jogger to the bike repair shop to get fixed because it can take more than a day to fix.. Don’t get me started on the amount of bikes we have that need work but just sit in our shed waiting for someone to remember them.

5. Fix it shop, Recycling Business – It would be wonderful to be able to take things to some handy person and get them fixed instead of having to travel to town to get a new one. Our trash difficulties have been really evident over the last few years. If we could find someone willing to take our recycling somewhere, It would help us keep our trash down. And after doing a lot of research, I found that it could be very lucrative as well.

6. Community Gardner and Compost Manager – Speaking of sorting trash and minimizing it, there are places in India that have community compost bins. By law they segregate their trash, recycle what they can and compost the rest, in their own personal composting pots or in community ones posted on streets or near businesses. Then, the street compost is used to nourish the landscaping. Go to for more information. Combine that with a little place in England that has the ultimate community garden grown on all government property, that anyone can eat off of and you have a beautifully landscaped community, full tummies and tons less trash to boot! Wouldn’t that be amazing? I don’t know how to garden but it would be great to learn from the many expert gardeners here in the valley. Ben, do you think we could get a grant for this? 😉

7. Temporary Business – Sometimes, we wives just need a little extra money for a vacation with the kids, to pay an unexpected bill, or to buy something that we need to make our lives easier. College kids home for the holidays, might need some temporary work. Men, who just need a little extra cash for the family, may need some temporary work. And local businesses may need blog posts, or social media posts written, phones answered and moms might need, a handy man, or some help with the housework, or cooking, or babysitting and would love to make a call to the local temp agency and get hooked up with some help, real quick. It reminds me of those books I use to read called The Babysitter’s Club. It was run by a young girl and she would hook parents up with babysitters and take a small finder’s fee.

8. Seamstress – Oh my heavens! A seamstress would be wonderful to have here. I heard a horror story of a great seamstress in Vegas who would put your clothing on a rack and sell it if you didn’t come and pick it up in a timely manner. How scary is it to leave your precious, clothes, precious enough to get them tailored clothes, at a seamstress hours away? I was recently given the most beautiful set of curtains. They were made to fit extremely big windows, in a house with high vaulted ceilings. They are just too long for my windows. It would be wonderful to be able to get them hemmed to fit my short house.

I’m sure we all have a wish list like mine. What would you like to see come to our valley? A drive in? A radio station? A delivery truck? Small animal veterinarian? Post your ideas in the comment section. We are so lucky to live here in this beautiful valley and the bottom line is we want you, we want your ideas, your enthusiasm, your small business, your talents, we want you to come home and live comfortably by us and improve our quality of life.

All my love,




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Help From Heaven

I have been unable to write this post for a couple of weeks now. I simply can not control my gratitude long enough to see what I am writing. My heart is so full. Spencer Hafen and his father Lavoy came to do the emergency plumbing a couple of weeks ago. They were here all day, and got all the really hard stuff done. Derek finished all the details a few days later, when he could purchase the needed supplies. Amber’s family came in from Idaho and did an enormous amount of work the weekend before. Jason and the boys are getting so much done, after hours, during the week. It has been amazing to see. People have come from all over the valley to help the Twitchells. It warms my heart. Meals have been brought, laundry has been done and time has been sacrificed on their behalf. When I see this love in real life, even though it is someone else, I can feel the love God has for me too. It’s like reading the bible and seeing how God loves his children in Ancient times makes me feel loved. Watching the Twitchell family is like seeing God’s love in 3D.  I’ve calculated over 450 hours total service hours. Amber’s Family has really truly been there for her, and still the valley is responsible for over 150 hours of that time. And I’m sure there are so many people who I don’t know about who are just showing up, picking up a load of laundry, bringing a meal, or working on the house.

There have been many wonderful changes in the house. Amber actually has floors now! The subfloors are finished and now she doesn’t have to worry about baby boy falling in.  The walls in the girls room are almost finished and they should be able to move in to their new room real soon. Amber’s family will be coming again soon, to install flooring and appliances. Still, the most wonderful change I’ve seen, is in Amber herself. I’ve always thought Amber was beautiful, but she just glows now. Her health is coming back, her face is full of color and light. She bore her testimony of Jesus Christ in the children’s primary last week, and I knew everything was going to be ok.

To all those who have helped, will continue to help, and to all those who want to help, I want to say thank you. I just love you so much and appreciate that it is people like you, who make this, the valley I love.




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Amber’s House 11/8 Update

Hello, PV Friends!
I just wanted to thank you all so much on behalf of the Twitchell family for all the love and help they have received over the last week, and to give you a little update.
Amber got back from the Doctor and getting supplies last night. She was given a heart monitor to wear all week, that will hopefully help the Doctors find out more about the stroke and if she is in any immediate danger. So far they can’t tell her much more, unfortunately. We will keep you posted.
We have had some wonderful miracles happen over the last week or so. We have been able to fill some very important missing pieces to the project.
Jason finished his work in Lund and is working here in town this week. He has gotten a lot of work done on the house after hours, and was able to make a trip to town to take Amber to the Doctor and pick up much needed supplies.
President Spencer Hafen and his father Lavoy Hafen volunteered to oversee the plumbing phase of the project. We are so grateful for their expertise. They came down from Panaca last week to get a look at the project and were very optimistic. Without their help on the project we were bottle necked and couldn’t do much more work on the house. Amber’s Uncle Ed and his three sons are coming to help this weekend and will be staying in an RV in the back yard. It will be good to have them here now that we can possibly move on to other things, with the help of the Hafens.
We were also very lucky to receive the help of Nick Pearson from Pearson Brothers Construction. He has volunteered to oversee the Structure phase of the project. He will advise and counsel those helping with the home to insure that the walls, roof and floors are safe and secure. We are all so grateful for his help in this regard. I know Amber will rest easy knowing Nick Pearson is on the job. With the help of a message from the Hardys, Nick and Derek were able to prepare the sewer line for the plumbing that will need to be done this weekend. What a blessing.
Dan and Robert Park have been working on and monitoring the Electricity phase, and along with Amber’s cousins Trent, Jenny and Tanner Rebber, have re-wired that half of the home. There is still some more work to be done so we are so grateful to have them on board.
We were over there the other day, and found Alex Riera putting up drywall again. He has one room almost finished.
Roberta park, Emily Frehner, and Kathy Pierce have helped amber with laundry by taking a load, washing it and bringing it back for the older kids to put away. When there are nine people in the family and no plumbing for a washing machine, things can get kind of overwhelming really fast. We are so grateful for their help.
Because Amber only has the use of one small bathroom sink and is without a stove or cooking utensils, Amber has been very grateful to those willing to bring her crockpot meals and to have her family over for dinner – where they can eat comfortably at a table or surface and enjoy the company of families who love her and her family.
Amber would also enjoy visits from people in the valley. As you can imagine, a faithful, busy, mother of seven, being forced to slow down so quickly has been very difficult. She is used to going a hundred miles an hour. A visit would help make the day go by easier and would bring comfort and healing as well.
If you would like to help with any of these things or have a skill or expertise in any of these areas, please feel free to contact me, so I can put you on the schedule. We welcome everyone willing to help in the valley and thank you in advance for whatever you can do for this wonderful family.
Bianca Bowman
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Amber’s House Update

They came! They came without callings, without assignments, or nagging. They came without paperwork, signatures or dragging… They came just the same.
It wasn’t even organized by the church or run by the relief society. It is amazing how much you can do when you are not waiting to be assigned to do it. My heart is full of gratitude for people willing to just act. In the last year being back in this valley, I’ve had many angels help me just because they saw a need. One day my roof was leaking and my husband was out of town. I was so distraught I could not get out of bed. I was worried that my air conditioner would fall right down from the roof due to the water damage around it. Then, there was a knock at the door. I opened it to find an Angel from the Valley. He said, “I’m here to fix your roof.” And that is just what he did. He wouldn’t accept payment, so I was grateful he accepted some baked goods instead.
We live in a time when it has become scary to help. You never know when you are going to offend someone or step on someones toes. I know I would feel so much more comfortable if I had a signed permission slip from God before I ventured out into the unknown to serve. To that, God says to me, “Fear not to do good, my sons, for whatsoever ye sow, that shall ye also reap; therefore, if ye sow good ye shall also reap good for your reward.” D&C 6:33
The hard part comes when we don’t know who or how to serve. So here are some tips and tricks I picked up from my own Alamo Angels.
1. Keep an eye out for your neighbor on social media. I found out someone needed help from a meme they posted really late one night. After reviewing her older posts, I was able to do the math and figure out what was wrong and how I could help. The nice man who fixed my roof found out I needed help from a post I made, asking for roofer recommendations.
2. Keep it simple – We are all really good at smiling and waving at each other when we pass. We can never underestimate the power of a smile. It can change everything for someone having a bad day and give faith to those who have lost theirs for the moment. Most of all don’t forget to pray. Prayer is a powerful thing. Pray for the person. Pray that you will know what to do to help them. Pray that you will not judge. Pray for our Valley. Pray for those here that have offended you hurt you or made your life difficult. Just Pray. It brings you closer to God and it helps others at the same time. People make fun and say that prayer is not enough, and yet sometimes, praying is the only thing you can do for someone. It only takes a second but it makes a world of difference.
3. Enlist a friend – Maybe it is your visiting teaching companion, a good friend or even your husband or one of your children. It is so much easier to have the courage to do good things when you have someone who is willing to support you in it.
4. Be very observant – When Traci Poulsen adopted her boys, I’m sure she didn’t have any idea how that was going to drastically affect dinner. But someone else did. Sandy Lytle, brought dinner weekly to this family. She anticipated a need and was a great blessing.
5. Lift where you are standing – My first reaction, when I heard that people were going to come to help Amber with her house, was to put together a “barn raising” kind of event of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers proportions – minus the fight scene. Don’t laugh. I could imagine all of us ladies at the Ball Park, in our fancy dresses and pretty hats, with baskets of freshly made rolls, jars of jelly and fruit pies, visiting and carrying on while we watched our little ones play together, and our sons and husbands worked on the house. Then, I woke up. I have a serious problem with wanting to do so much more than I can actually do or should do. Luckily for me, I decided to lift where I stand. You see, I may not be good at a lot of things but I love being with and caring for children. So, I was honored with the privilege of caring for this sweet little guy and his darling sister on Saturday while all the otherwise talented people made soups and breads for the workers, organized the work, made floors where there were none, dug trenches for plumbing, and rewired the entire home.  It was a lovely day. The children and I had a lot of fun together.
Cheyenne with Amber’s youngest, fast asleep after a fun day.

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf told a story in the October, 2008 General Conference. He said,

“Some years ago in our meetinghouse in Darmstadt, Germany, a group of brethren was asked to move a grand piano from the chapel to the adjoining cultural hall, where it was needed for a musical event. None were professional movers, and the task of getting that gravity-friendly instrument through the chapel and into the cultural hall seemed nearly impossible. Everybody knew that this task required not only physical strength but also careful coordination. There were plenty of ideas, but not one could keep the piano balanced correctly. They repositioned the brethren by strength, height, and age over and over again—nothing worked.

As they stood around the piano, uncertain of what to do next, a good friend of mine, Brother Hanno Luschin, spoke up. He said, “Brethren, stand close together and lift where you stand.”

It seemed too simple. Nevertheless, each lifted where he stood, and the piano rose from the ground and moved into the cultural hall as if on its own power. That was the answer to the challenge. They merely needed to stand close together and lift where they stood.”

Taking an inventory of  your own skills, resources, and even limitations is a great way to be prepared for the call when it comes. Being prepared to serve is half the battle. It brings me so much joy to be able to give back to a community that has given us so much.



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Homeward Bound

Our Summer Vacation at the Warm Springs Ranch has come to an end. We are so happy to have had the opportunity to serve here as we know there are many members waiting in line for a chance to enjoy a service mission here. We are glad we were chosen for this time.

Remember, there are many ways to be able to bring your family and friends here. You can make reservations online on the church website. You can come for open swim on Thursdays from 10 AM to 9:00 PM, for 3 dollars per person. You can contact President Norda, to do a Serve and Swim day or President Richards for a Family Camp. (I think they were thinking a fee of 30.00 per family) These two people are from the Tule Stake Presidency. Tule Stake has been given Stewardship over the Warm Springs Ranch. If you need to contact either one of them, request their information from your local church leaders, as I’m sure this information will change do to the nature of callings. If you have any problems or concerns regarding your visit to Warm Springs Ranch I would advise you to follow the normal chain of command, contact your Bishop who will then contact your stake president and then they will contact Tule Stake or those in charge. Again this information is always subject to change but your Stake leaders will most likely be up to date. Of course if there is an emergency at the Warm Springs Ranch, call 911. Don’t forget to like the Warm Springs Ranch page on Facebook.

This has been so much fun. Goodbye Warm Springs Ranch. We Love you!


Sister Bowman

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The Splendor of Stewardship

Elder Bowman pressure washing the lower pool.
The kiddo’s and their new friend, from Tule Stake exploring, and looking for the frog they saw jump.

Recently, as I’ve watched Tule Stake members really come together and take responsibility for different aspects of the Ranch, I’ve come to understand the power and splendor of Stewardship.

They have people in charge of clean up after open swim, people to pressure wash and clean the pools, people to take care of the equipment, and even others still, to open and close the pools. They are doing an excellent job sharing the Stewardship they have over the Warm Springs Ranch.

This week we have had the wonderful opportunity to meet Dave. Dave has been called to care for our workshop. He gets the gas and works on the lawn mower. He even offered to make me a key for the paper towel holders in the old bathrooms. He and his daughters cleaned out the entire garage. They swept and served and swam and they were happy to do it.

Our valley is a wonderful place. While we do not have very many amenities, we do not have a lot of government involvement either. That is both good and bad for us. We have parks and things but no one to maintain and care for them. How wonderful it would be if we could just call people to care for different parts of our valley. “Elder and Sister Bowman, we call you to have stewardship

Jericho, helping Elder Bowman clean out the moss from the bottom of the pool.

over the Children’s Park.” How fun would that be? Or “Fill in the Blank, we call you to look after the library and share your resources and insight with those working there.” (I would choose Jill Hansen if it were up to me. Her kids are big readers and she has done a bang up job keeping them in books.) What a wonderful world it would be for us to have each other’s support in caring for and supporting our valley’s amenities.

Working at the Warm Springs Ranch has been such an incredible blessing for our family. We have come to love and respect this beautiful place and the people who come here to bond and unite with their families and wards. Our children have enjoyed working along side us even more than swimming and exploring. And that is more than we could have hoped for.

Elder Bowman Mowing the Ranch’s Camping Grounds.

This opportunity made me want to do more for our community and to invest in our valley. We are excited to see Friends of Pahranagat Valley’s Splash Pad coming along so nicely in it’s new location. It is amazing what we can do with a little courage, a lot of love and a wonderful, united valley of people who step in to help make our Valley a better place.


Sister Bowman

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Keeping Our Little Ones Safe Around the Water

President Norda, working on the new pools.
Puddle Jumper 1
Puddle Jumper 2
New Pool 1
New Pool #2
New Pool #3
Gabby Swimming in the Lower Pool
Drain in Lower Pool

After some long hours put in by the Tule Stake leaders, we have some beautiful new pools. They are a lovely addition to the facility. Since they are only a few feet from the cooking grills. I thought it would be a good time to tell you how Elder and Sister Bowman keep their little ones safe around the pools while we work and live here at the Springs.

1. When cooking or working around the pools, we like to designate a babysitter for our small children. While these new pools are rather deep there are some tiny streams of water that babies can wade in comfortably when accompanied by an adult. Designating an adult is important to me because that way I know for certain that someone specific is watching my  small ones if I can not. Mostly, I like to watch the kiddos and Elder Bowman likes to cook and that works fine for us. Each of us knows our jobs and everyone is safe. It only takes a second for a little one to get away from us.

2. I’m a big fan of life jackets, swim floaties and pool noodles. Our favorite for our little ones are the Puddle Jumpers. They are Coast Guard approved and are easier to manage than life jackets for our little ones. They are hard to find though. I buy them when I find them and you can get them here on Amazon. Our good friends own Big Ash, in Alamo, and the water is quite deep there. Elder Bowman and I enjoy using big noodles and life jackets because while it might be fun for a little while to tread water if you plan on being there for a long time it can become difficult and even uncomfortable and no fun at all. The upper pool here at the ranch is deep as well, and can be fun for the whole family if young children have some flotation device even if they know how to swim.

3. We are careful around the drains. We have quite a few here at the Warm Springs Ranch. The one pictured here, is in the upper part of the lower pool. It is the only one not on the side of the pools but is right in the middle of the more shallow part of the pool instead. We have had some trouble with closing and opening the drain and one day it was open while the other drains kept it full of water so there was a suction and it was a little scary. Now, it is closed and we can’t get it to open so no water is currently going through this drain but it isn’t covered so we have been really careful with our kiddos around this drain.

4. We teach our children to swim but we also teach them to be calm during a water emergency. While we were teaching our little ones to swim, we were excited to see them pick it up really quickly. Until one of them tripped on the stairs and fell into the water and panicked. So we made an effort to teach them to stay calm. We had them practice falling off of their pool noodles and jumping off of the side of the pool to get them use to the initial shock of unexpected water situations. That seemed to make them more comfortable. This was a lot easier at Little Ash. The water was at the waist of most seven and eight year old children. And this lesson was easily taught. I was hoping that the new pools would be about that same depth but they turned out to be a lot deeper.

5. We also keep a first aid kit in our vehicles. It’s a good practice considering our drives are always very long. Here at the Warm Springs Ranch we do not have a First Aid Kit on site. So our personal first aid kit, that we keep in the Van has come in very handy quite a few times.

So there it is, five steps Elder Bowman and I take to keep our little ones safe here at the Warm Springs Ranch.


Sister Bowman



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Why My Bathing Suit Looks Like a Dress

Sister Bowman is looking good in this bathing suit and bloomers from Dainty Jewels.
Gaby and I at the Warm Springs Ranch in Moapa. I found her bathing suit at Amazon, along with a pair of matching swim shorts.

When you are working at the Warm Springs Ranch, in 115 degree weather, 99 in the RV, you need to keep cooling off by getting in the water periodically throughout the day. There are also chores to be done and people to greet and give tours to. Under normal circumstances, all three of these things would require different ensembles. Enter, swimwear by Dainty Jewels. My teenage daughter found this for me while we were looking online for modest swimwear. She really understood the need for something like this and was right on every count.

When you get to a certain age, after having children at a certain age, there are some things about you no one really wants to see. And it can be very difficult to find swimwear to cover those things. For me, modest really is hotest, in so many ways.

As a missionary at the Warm Springs Ranch, we get visitors all the time. At any given time of the day, we would welcome anyone from church leaders to non-members and it became obvious after the first week , that I would need an outfit that would be presentable in every situation. I love this bathing suit because it dries quickly, it is modest, and I can look well dressed in all of my duties here at the Springs. It is just really practical.

Doing work around the Ranch is easier too. Not only is it comfortable to work in but it also prevents sunburn. Very nice.

Still, after one of our meetings with Presidents Richards and Norda, I came away feeling silly for wearing a big ol’ dress around the Ranch. So the next swim day, I dawned my less bulky bathing suit and the funniest thing happened. A family from Saint George Utah, had reserved the lower pool that day and had also invited their homeschool group to join them. And everyone, and I do mean everyone, from the tall to the small were in beautifully modest bathing suits. It was incredible to see. One of the beautiful young moms was wearing something that looked like it came from Modli. I wish I had worn mine. I would have fit right in!

On another night, I went down at closing time to take the trashes out, and one of the cutest little teenagers came by me wearing the most darling vintage looking bathing suit. It was a beautiful top with shorts and not the boy shorts either, real live shorts. When I complimented her, she replied very politely. I think dress really does influence our behavior. It truly is an outward expression of our inner selves.

Modest isn’t just practical, it is really beautiful as well and there are many people out there looking for modest swimwear. But don’t take my word for it! The Wall Street Journal would agree. They published an article entitled, “Modest Bathing Suits Make a Splash…” So if you are looking for a fresh look for next summer consider some of these links for a modest, practical and beautiful look.


Sister Bowman











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Alamo and Hiko Angels

For tough jobs. Do not forget to wet the scouring stick before use.
Use a pump sprayer and Sandalwood essential oil to keep spiders and other insects away. Use it with vinegar to keep hard water away from the shower walls.
Disposable toilet cleaners, a must for public bathrooms everywhere.
Ozone Water-the new Bleach.

Today, thirty of the most darling young ladies from the Alamo and Hiko Wards, came to help me with my chores around the Warm Springs Ranch. Annette, their Hiko Achievement Days Leader arranged to do a Serve and Swim on our weekly maintenance day. Even though Pres. Norda from the Tule Stake, had announced open swim day on Thursday, the girls decided to come and serve anyway. I was so happy to see them. We had been working hard all morning and it was nice to have reinforcements! Many hands made light work today.  They were a lovely, hardworking group. The older girls cleaned the bathrooms, the middle age groups cleaned off the tables and the youngest group cleaned up all the palm fronds. They worked really hard. One of Annette’s daughter’s is a lifeguard and she worked really hard as well, watching all these young ladies swim and play and keeping them safe. Annette runs a tight ship, with everything done on an elegant schedule. Little sandwiches were served at the proper time and the ladies were in the van 15 minutes before 6:00 to keep Monday curfew and have the young ladies home in time for Family Home Evening. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this meant to me. Thank you all for coming and supporting this beautiful LDS Recreational Facility.

When we first interviewed for the Missionary position, President Norda, explained that new regulations limit the amount of chemicals that can be put in the water and food and drinks must stay clear of the fenced area for that reason. So I was really excited when he said I could use any cleaners I wanted. We have a good friend affectionately named, H2O Joe that showed me how to use water to kill 99 % of the germs in my house. Making it possible to clean toys, and toilets and with the same results. My favorite part is that my small children can clean with me and I don’t have to worry about the affects of harmful chemicals. This is called ozone water. It is what Heavenly Father uses to clean the atmosphere with rain. Every time it rains, germs are cleaned from our air. How amazing is that? The machine I use now is the A2Z Ozone Aqua 6 Multi Purpose Ozone Generator. I use it with a wide mouth spray bottle.

With all the minerals from the hard water in the springs we also use vinegar and these awesome scouring sticks, I found at the Alamo Sinclair. I was worried about scratching the toilet bowls with these but I did a test in an isolated spot and then touched it to see if I could feel any scratches and I couldn’t and when I cleaned a tough spot it was definitely smoother than before I had used it. I made sure to wet it first as per instructions. I used vinegar on the showers and boy did my hand get sore from using the spray bottle to spray all the showers. I figured out later that I could just use a pump sprayer!

One morning at 5:00 AM, I went to clean out the bathrooms. It was still a little dark but I was trying to beat the heat. When I opened the door, I found a scorpion at my feet ready to sting. I ran out and texted president Norda, worried to death because the YSA group was scheduled to be there later that day, and I didn’t want them running into each other. I was completely unaware of how early it was. Luckily, he knew a little about them and told me to just keep the lights on. I’ve never seen one again. Ha Ha.

Still, I looked up how to keep them out without harsh chemicals and found that Cedarwood essential oil would do the trick and keep the infestation of spiders down to a more manageable level at the same time. So I picked some up the next time I was at my house, put fifteen drops in a pump sprayer, filled it halfway with water and sprayed everywhere in the bathrooms and the spiders stayed away for almost two weeks.

For the toilets, sometimes using chemicals is simply unavoidable. One week Derek came home from his travels with the most awesome and loving surprise, a Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Fresh Brush. Just in time too. I love Elder Bowman!!! We had a big mess in one of the bathrooms and I was so grateful I didn’t have to use anything else to clean it. I like to use Scrubbing Bubbles because the smell of the chemicals do not bother me at all, and I am very sensitive. I do not flush them but I do get a lot of use from them. It is nice to be able to throw away the cleaning tool after cleaning some really dirty toilets and the scrubbing bubbles make quick work of it too.

Anyway, that is how Sister Bowman and her lovely  Angels clean the Warm Springs Ranch.


Sister Bowman


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The Business Secret of Pahranagat Valley

Cheyenne in the fur shrug. We are on our way to perform for the Senior Center Dinner.
Daniel Lapin, author of Business Secrets from the Bible, tells a story of his Great Great Grandfather, who bought a table from a neighbor for five dollars. The neighbor was going to have to pay five dollars just to have it picked up. She felt good about this transaction. She saved five dollars and earned five dollars. She is up by $10. Grandpa Lapin then goes to the hardware store and spends a dollar on some hardware to fix up the table. After the table is fixed he sells the table for $10.00 to a newlywed couple who were going to pay $20.00 for a different table. So now the couple can spend the 10 dollars they saved on something else in the community and the village just keeps prospering.
When we do business at the local level, or when we buy something from each other at the online yard sale or pick up, repair, and resell something we found at the local give away spot here in the valley, 😉 we are helping our community prosper. Every little cent counts. The village in the example was up by $21.00 just by this one transaction. I’m sure it went on from there. Business in the valley benefits everyone. One person prospering can only be a good thing for his neighbor. We can celebrate that person’s success because it will inherently benefit the whole community.
Let me tell you a true story of how doing business with your neighbor can help you prosper in the land. Lark Harrington, posted on the PV online yard sale that she was on the look out for some vintage aprons. I just happened to have some for her to look at in my storage unit, collecting dust. I traded my vintage aprons for $30.00 dollars that day. Now, sitting at the local Antique store, Wild Rose Junktiques, was the most beautiful fur shrug, I had my eye on for months. It was thirty dollars. I jumped in my minivan and drove the ten minutes down the road and picked up my fur. A few days later, my friend Andrea, the owner of the Wild Rose Junktiques, stopped by for dance lessons from my daughter for $30.00. Lark may have given me 27.00 and the shrug might have been a little more but you get the idea. The fact is all of our lives benefited from Lark asking for aprons.
We must not be so afraid of our neighbor’s success. We must try harder to insure it.  Shirley Davis, was an example to me, of someone who looked for ways to help people in the valley by doing business with them or sharing her resources with them. Our family was blessed to live in her rental home when we had no where else to go. There were no rentals and we had two house payments, because our home in Arizona hadn’t sold. She was more than good to us. And her willingness to share her resources gave us time to get back on our feet.
Many people in the valley, Matt Harrington (woodwork), Robert Park (Electrical) and the Nathan Collier (Trash Pickup), are all examples of people who I’ve done business with that have charged a very fair price for their work and have been really generous with their talents and services.
Despite what seems to be a widespread American belief that people only prosper at the expense of invisible victims, business is good for communities. Transactions between two individuals that improves the quality of life for both, is Godly and righteous. Honest dealings with our fellow man, develops relationships, creates economic stability helps the poor and builds communities. People need work and to interact with others in a positive fulfilling way. It is a basic need. So next time you have a choice between doing business in the Valley, or buying from Amazon, try to find a way to help your neighbor. The money will inevitably come back to you and improve your quality of life in many ways.
Hugs, Bianca.
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