Amber’s House 11/8 Update

Hello, PV Friends!
I just wanted to thank you all so much on behalf of the Twitchell family for all the love and help they have received over the last week, and to give you a little update.
Amber got back from the Doctor and getting supplies last night. She was given a heart monitor to wear all week, that will hopefully help the Doctors find out more about the stroke and if she is in any immediate danger. So far they can’t tell her much more, unfortunately. We will keep you posted.
We have had some wonderful miracles happen over the last week or so. We have been able to fill some very important missing pieces to the project.
Jason finished his work in Lund and is working here in town this week. He has gotten a lot of work done on the house after hours, and was able to make a trip to town to take Amber to the Doctor and pick up much needed supplies.
President Spencer Hafen and his father Lavoy Hafen volunteered to oversee the plumbing phase of the project. We are so grateful for their expertise. They came down from Panaca last week to get a look at the project and were very optimistic. Without their help on the project we were bottle necked and couldn’t do much more work on the house. Amber’s Uncle Ed and his three sons are coming to help this weekend and will be staying in an RV in the back yard. It will be good to have them here now that we can possibly move on to other things, with the help of the Hafens.
We were also very lucky to receive the help of Nick Pearson from Pearson Brothers Construction. He has volunteered to oversee the Structure phase of the project. He will advise and counsel those helping with the home to insure that the walls, roof and floors are safe and secure. We are all so grateful for his help in this regard. I know Amber will rest easy knowing Nick Pearson is on the job. With the help of a message from the Hardys, Nick and Derek were able to prepare the sewer line for the plumbing that will need to be done this weekend. What a blessing.
Dan and Robert Park have been working on and monitoring the Electricity phase, and along with Amber’s cousins Trent, Jenny and Tanner Rebber, have re-wired that half of the home. There is still some more work to be done so we are so grateful to have them on board.
We were over there the other day, and found Alex Riera putting up drywall again. He has one room almost finished.
Roberta park, Emily Frehner, and Kathy Pierce have helped amber with laundry by taking a load, washing it and bringing it back for the older kids to put away. When there are nine people in the family and no plumbing for a washing machine, things can get kind of overwhelming really fast. We are so grateful for their help.
Because Amber only has the use of one small bathroom sink and is without a stove or cooking utensils, Amber has been very grateful to those willing to bring her crockpot meals and to have her family over for dinner – where they can eat comfortably at a table or surface and enjoy the company of families who love her and her family.
Amber would also enjoy visits from people in the valley. As you can imagine, a faithful, busy, mother of seven, being forced to slow down so quickly has been very difficult. She is used to going a hundred miles an hour. A visit would help make the day go by easier and would bring comfort and healing as well.
If you would like to help with any of these things or have a skill or expertise in any of these areas, please feel free to contact me, so I can put you on the schedule. We welcome everyone willing to help in the valley and thank you in advance for whatever you can do for this wonderful family.
Bianca Bowman

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