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Joe & Andrea Barker

Owner Wild Rose Junktiques,Hours: Thurs. Fri. Sat. 10 am to 3 pm or by appointment
Home Phone: 775-725-3745 Cell Phone: 909-964-4244
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We have beautiful antiques, vintage, western, mid century modern, and Asian styles of furniture, glassware, dishes, home decor, books, collectibles, dolls, clothes, jewelry and much more.

Testimonial: My home is filled with things from Wild Rose Junktiques. Sometimes, our small town can get a little too quiet, and I feel like I’m on an island. On days like that, I pack the kids in the car and jump on the highway for the ten minute drive to our favorite store and to buy something pretty. I can’t go without spending at least an hour and a half visiting with Andrea and looking at all the pretty things, making up stories in my head or listening to the stories Andrea has for each individual item – where they came from and the people they belonged to. It is an experience similar to going to a museum only you can take things home with you. I simply love it. It is definitely something everyone should experience.

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