The Splendor of Stewardship

Elder Bowman pressure washing the lower pool.
The kiddo’s and their new friend, from Tule Stake exploring, and looking for the frog they saw jump.

Recently, as I’ve watched Tule Stake members really come together and take responsibility for different aspects of the Ranch, I’ve come to understand the power and splendor of Stewardship.

They have people in charge of clean up after open swim, people to pressure wash and clean the pools, people to take care of the equipment, and even others still, to open and close the pools. They are doing an excellent job sharing the Stewardship they have over the Warm Springs Ranch.

This week we have had the wonderful opportunity to meet Dave. Dave has been called to care for our workshop. He gets the gas and works on the lawn mower. He even offered to make me a key for the paper towel holders in the old bathrooms. He and his daughters cleaned out the entire garage. They swept and served and swam and they were happy to do it.

Our valley is a wonderful place. While we do not have very many amenities, we do not have a lot of government involvement either. That is both good and bad for us. We have parks and things but no one to maintain and care for them. How wonderful it would be if we could just call people to care for different parts of our valley. “Elder and Sister Bowman, we call you to have stewardship

Jericho, helping Elder Bowman clean out the moss from the bottom of the pool.

over the Children’s Park.” How fun would that be? Or “Fill in the Blank, we call you to look after the library and share your resources and insight with those working there.” (I would choose Jill Hansen if it were up to me. Her kids are big readers and she has done a bang up job keeping them in books.) What a wonderful world it would be for us to have each other’s support in caring for and supporting our valley’s amenities.

Working at the Warm Springs Ranch has been such an incredible blessing for our family. We have come to love and respect this beautiful place and the people who come here to bond and unite with their families and wards. Our children have enjoyed working along side us even more than swimming and exploring. And that is more than we could have hoped for.

Elder Bowman Mowing the Ranch’s Camping Grounds.

This opportunity made me want to do more for our community and to invest in our valley. We are excited to see Friends of Pahranagat Valley’s Splash Pad coming along so nicely in it’s new location. It is amazing what we can do with a little courage, a lot of love and a wonderful, united valley of people who step in to help make our Valley a better place.


Sister Bowman

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