Homeward Bound

Our Summer Vacation at the Warm Springs Ranch has come to an end. We are so happy to have had the opportunity to serve here as we know there are many members waiting in line for a chance to enjoy a service mission here. We are glad we were chosen for this time.

Remember, there are many ways to be able to bring your family and friends here. You can make reservations online on the church website. You can come for open swim on Thursdays from 10 AM to 9:00 PM, for 3 dollars per person. You can contact President Norda, to do a Serve and Swim day or President Richards for a Family Camp. (I think they were thinking a fee of 30.00 per family) These two people are from the Tule Stake Presidency. Tule Stake has been given Stewardship over the Warm Springs Ranch. If you need to contact either one of them, request their information from your local church leaders, as I’m sure this information will change do to the nature of callings. If you have any problems or concerns regarding your visit to Warm Springs Ranch I would advise you to follow the normal chain of command, contact your Bishop who will then contact your stake president and then they will contact Tule Stake or those in charge. Again this information is always subject to change but your Stake leaders will most likely be up to date. Of course if there is an emergency at the Warm Springs Ranch, call 911. Don’t forget to like the Warm Springs Ranch page on Facebook.

This has been so much fun. Goodbye Warm Springs Ranch. We Love you!


Sister Bowman

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Keeping Our Little Ones Safe Around the Water

President Norda, working on the new pools.
Puddle Jumper 1
Puddle Jumper 2
New Pool 1
New Pool #2
New Pool #3
Gabby Swimming in the Lower Pool
Drain in Lower Pool

After some long hours put in by the Tule Stake leaders, we have some beautiful new pools. They are a lovely addition to the facility. Since they are only a few feet from the cooking grills. I thought it would be a good time to tell you how Elder and Sister Bowman keep their little ones safe around the pools while we work and live here at the Springs.

1. When cooking or working around the pools, we like to designate a babysitter for our small children. While these new pools are rather deep there are some tiny streams of water that babies can wade in comfortably when accompanied by an adult. Designating an adult is important to me because that way I know for certain that someone specific is watching my  small ones if I can not. Mostly, I like to watch the kiddos and Elder Bowman likes to cook and that works fine for us. Each of us knows our jobs and everyone is safe. It only takes a second for a little one to get away from us.

2. I’m a big fan of life jackets, swim floaties and pool noodles. Our favorite for our little ones are the Puddle Jumpers. They are Coast Guard approved and are easier to manage than life jackets for our little ones. They are hard to find though. I buy them when I find them and you can get them here on Amazon. Our good friends own Big Ash, in Alamo, and the water is quite deep there. Elder Bowman and I enjoy using big noodles and life jackets because while it might be fun for a little while to tread water if you plan on being there for a long time it can become difficult and even uncomfortable and no fun at all. The upper pool here at the ranch is deep as well, and can be fun for the whole family if young children have some flotation device even if they know how to swim.

3. We are careful around the drains. We have quite a few here at the Warm Springs Ranch. The one pictured here, is in the upper part of the lower pool. It is the only one not on the side of the pools but is right in the middle of the more shallow part of the pool instead. We have had some trouble with closing and opening the drain and one day it was open while the other drains kept it full of water so there was a suction and it was a little scary. Now, it is closed and we can’t get it to open so no water is currently going through this drain but it isn’t covered so we have been really careful with our kiddos around this drain.

4. We teach our children to swim but we also teach them to be calm during a water emergency. While we were teaching our little ones to swim, we were excited to see them pick it up really quickly. Until one of them tripped on the stairs and fell into the water and panicked. So we made an effort to teach them to stay calm. We had them practice falling off of their pool noodles and jumping off of the side of the pool to get them use to the initial shock of unexpected water situations. That seemed to make them more comfortable. This was a lot easier at Little Ash. The water was at the waist of most seven and eight year old children. And this lesson was easily taught. I was hoping that the new pools would be about that same depth but they turned out to be a lot deeper.

5. We also keep a first aid kit in our vehicles. It’s a good practice considering our drives are always very long. Here at the Warm Springs Ranch we do not have a First Aid Kit on site. So our personal first aid kit, that we keep in the Van has come in very handy quite a few times.

So there it is, five steps Elder Bowman and I take to keep our little ones safe here at the Warm Springs Ranch.


Sister Bowman



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Why My Bathing Suit Looks Like a Dress

Sister Bowman is looking good in this bathing suit and bloomers from Dainty Jewels.
Gaby and I at the Warm Springs Ranch in Moapa. I found her bathing suit at Amazon, along with a pair of matching swim shorts.

When you are working at the Warm Springs Ranch, in 115 degree weather, 99 in the RV, you need to keep cooling off by getting in the water periodically throughout the day. There are also chores to be done and people to greet and give tours to. Under normal circumstances, all three of these things would require different ensembles. Enter, swimwear by Dainty Jewels. My teenage daughter found this for me while we were looking online for modest swimwear. She really understood the need for something like this and was right on every count.

When you get to a certain age, after having children at a certain age, there are some things about you no one really wants to see. And it can be very difficult to find swimwear to cover those things. For me, modest really is hotest, in so many ways.

As a missionary at the Warm Springs Ranch, we get visitors all the time. At any given time of the day, we would welcome anyone from church leaders to non-members and it became obvious after the first week , that I would need an outfit that would be presentable in every situation. I love this bathing suit because it dries quickly, it is modest, and I can look well dressed in all of my duties here at the Springs. It is just really practical.

Doing work around the Ranch is easier too. Not only is it comfortable to work in but it also prevents sunburn. Very nice.

Still, after one of our meetings with Presidents Richards and Norda, I came away feeling silly for wearing a big ol’ dress around the Ranch. So the next swim day, I dawned my less bulky bathing suit and the funniest thing happened. A family from Saint George Utah, had reserved the lower pool that day and had also invited their homeschool group to join them. And everyone, and I do mean everyone, from the tall to the small were in beautifully modest bathing suits. It was incredible to see. One of the beautiful young moms was wearing something that looked like it came from Modli. I wish I had worn mine. I would have fit right in!

On another night, I went down at closing time to take the trashes out, and one of the cutest little teenagers came by me wearing the most darling vintage looking bathing suit. It was a beautiful top with shorts and not the boy shorts either, real live shorts. When I complimented her, she replied very politely. I think dress really does influence our behavior. It truly is an outward expression of our inner selves.

Modest isn’t just practical, it is really beautiful as well and there are many people out there looking for modest swimwear. But don’t take my word for it! The Wall Street Journal would agree. They published an article entitled, “Modest Bathing Suits Make a Splash…” So if you are looking for a fresh look for next summer consider some of these links for a modest, practical and beautiful look.


Sister Bowman











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Alamo and Hiko Angels

For tough jobs. Do not forget to wet the scouring stick before use.
Use a pump sprayer and Sandalwood essential oil to keep spiders and other insects away. Use it with vinegar to keep hard water away from the shower walls.
Disposable toilet cleaners, a must for public bathrooms everywhere.
Ozone Water-the new Bleach.

Today, thirty of the most darling young ladies from the Alamo and Hiko Wards, came to help me with my chores around the Warm Springs Ranch. Annette, their Hiko Achievement Days Leader arranged to do a Serve and Swim on our weekly maintenance day. Even though Pres. Norda from the Tule Stake, had announced open swim day on Thursday, the girls decided to come and serve anyway. I was so happy to see them. We had been working hard all morning and it was nice to have reinforcements! Many hands made light work today.  They were a lovely, hardworking group. The older girls cleaned the bathrooms, the middle age groups cleaned off the tables and the youngest group cleaned up all the palm fronds. They worked really hard. One of Annette’s daughter’s is a lifeguard and she worked really hard as well, watching all these young ladies swim and play and keeping them safe. Annette runs a tight ship, with everything done on an elegant schedule. Little sandwiches were served at the proper time and the ladies were in the van 15 minutes before 6:00 to keep Monday curfew and have the young ladies home in time for Family Home Evening. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this meant to me. Thank you all for coming and supporting this beautiful LDS Recreational Facility.

When we first interviewed for the Missionary position, President Norda, explained that new regulations limit the amount of chemicals that can be put in the water and food and drinks must stay clear of the fenced area for that reason. So I was really excited when he said I could use any cleaners I wanted. We have a good friend affectionately named, H2O Joe that showed me how to use water to kill 99 % of the germs in my house. Making it possible to clean toys, and toilets and with the same results. My favorite part is that my small children can clean with me and I don’t have to worry about the affects of harmful chemicals. This is called ozone water. It is what Heavenly Father uses to clean the atmosphere with rain. Every time it rains, germs are cleaned from our air. How amazing is that? The machine I use now is the A2Z Ozone Aqua 6 Multi Purpose Ozone Generator. I use it with a wide mouth spray bottle.

With all the minerals from the hard water in the springs we also use vinegar and these awesome scouring sticks, I found at the Alamo Sinclair. I was worried about scratching the toilet bowls with these but I did a test in an isolated spot and then touched it to see if I could feel any scratches and I couldn’t and when I cleaned a tough spot it was definitely smoother than before I had used it. I made sure to wet it first as per instructions. I used vinegar on the showers and boy did my hand get sore from using the spray bottle to spray all the showers. I figured out later that I could just use a pump sprayer!

One morning at 5:00 AM, I went to clean out the bathrooms. It was still a little dark but I was trying to beat the heat. When I opened the door, I found a scorpion at my feet ready to sting. I ran out and texted president Norda, worried to death because the YSA group was scheduled to be there later that day, and I didn’t want them running into each other. I was completely unaware of how early it was. Luckily, he knew a little about them and told me to just keep the lights on. I’ve never seen one again. Ha Ha.

Still, I looked up how to keep them out without harsh chemicals and found that Cedarwood essential oil would do the trick and keep the infestation of spiders down to a more manageable level at the same time. So I picked some up the next time I was at my house, put fifteen drops in a pump sprayer, filled it halfway with water and sprayed everywhere in the bathrooms and the spiders stayed away for almost two weeks.

For the toilets, sometimes using chemicals is simply unavoidable. One week Derek came home from his travels with the most awesome and loving surprise, a Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Fresh Brush. Just in time too. I love Elder Bowman!!! We had a big mess in one of the bathrooms and I was so grateful I didn’t have to use anything else to clean it. I like to use Scrubbing Bubbles because the smell of the chemicals do not bother me at all, and I am very sensitive. I do not flush them but I do get a lot of use from them. It is nice to be able to throw away the cleaning tool after cleaning some really dirty toilets and the scrubbing bubbles make quick work of it too.

Anyway, that is how Sister Bowman and her lovely  Angels clean the Warm Springs Ranch.


Sister Bowman


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